Thursday, March 6, 2014

Birthday Wish List

All I really want is to be pregnant. Since I'm not having luck in that department right now here are the superficial things that will make me feel less blue. Some of these are copied right off my Valentine's list! I also want to wallpaper my hallway, hardwood floors, window treatments upstairs...etc. But those aren't fun gifts!!

I'm a candle hoarder and this is the first new scent I've purchased in awhile. It is so fresh and wonderful.

25% off today if you download the App HouseAccount! Jacquelyn is a friend and I love that they are doing so well!! You go girls!
I love the double tip with white or turquoise and a light strap. Would be gorgeous with summer sundresses.

(Although I am trying to not buy clothes that can't cover a bump. But this is GORGEOUS)
This popped up in my email the day I said I wouldn't buy any  more clothes until my birthday. Soooo pretty!

I love Chloe and this one is unbelievable! I steal a sample every time I go to Nordstrom. Because I'm cheap like that.

I had the other cross necklace from Tiffany that I loved but a certain two year old at the time snapped it. I cannot find it anywhere and miss it terribly! I used to wear the cross necklace everyday along with my Mignon Faget fleur de lis amulet and then last year just my initial necklace. Seems time for a new everyday necklace right? I loved layering them but they would always tangle. Probably user-error.

Love this one also!

Wild Blackberry and Rose are two of my all time favorites...hard to find these days!!!

I bet I could find a cheaper version but love this idea!

We don't have Euros on our Bed but would love to monogram my King Shams.

I love my Tory Burch Sandals but still think Jack Rogers are more comfortable. And the other two look fun for summer!

I use my stemless glasses every night. I think the Red ones are a tad too wide for my hands though, could I use the white wine glasses instead? Available at Gardener's Cottage in Asheville-Go see my girl Libby!

One of Kate Long Stevenson's Woman Paintings

Is there such thing as a bucket wish list? Lifelong dream to have one of her gorgeous works of art.

Huge NC Map from Screen Door in Asheville

This is gigantic and I would love it for F's big boy room.

Less Personal Ideas...

Frame Warehouse on Carmel and Quail Hollow

Look at all the stuff I need to get framed! And that is barely half of it! I wouldn't say Frame Warehouse has the fanciest of frames but you cannot beat their prices. One Christmas all I asked was for giftcards there.

Nordstrom Make-up Counter.

I'm out of almost everything...and I despise spending money on make-up.


Each trip is $33 but let me tell you it is the ultimate treat.

What am I forgetting? Hope this helps M!!!
Me at 30. Damn I've aged since then.

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