Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hall Family Farm-Charlotte's Best Pumpkin Patch

I love parties and entertaining and I LOVE spending time with my friends. When you have kids that time dwindles and dwindles so back in 2012 I thought since we are all going to be doing pumpkin pictures at some point why not all show up at the same patch? And drink?

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2012

2012 was the first year of the Pumpkin Patch Party and it was a hit. My friend York made pitchers of Bloodies and I had uncrustables for the kids and wraps for the parents. The Hall Family Farm has tents you can rent so you can sling all your bags and junk down and have a central spot for the group. 

Fast forward to last year and my friend Anna that loves parties as much as I do got involved and we nailed it. I would go way over the top if I could but for some reason the Pumpkin Patch party is always my husband's Member Guest Golf tournament. (BLECH) So it leaves me doing all this and chasing a toddler. 
Party Pics 2013

The party isn't happening this year (Super Pregnant) but a trip to the Hall Family Farm is in order regardless because it truly is the best patch around. The word is out though so get there early!

They have ALL this to do for FREE:
-Massive Sandbox with huge dumptrucks
-Water Pump station to race ducks
-Cozy Coupes
-Pumpkins (duh)
-Kids Maze

It really is crazy how much there is to do there for free. The Hayride is $3/per person for ages 3 and over and is a hoot. I haven't done the adult maze yet.

But the real hit this year is the Firetruck with a giant slide attached.
 They have a little house you can go in and dress like a fireman and then slide on down. Ford went down this slide 20 times and loved it. 

If you live in Charlotte definitely go to the Hall Family Farm but like I said, get there early! a funnel cake! My friend Kristin said the donuts are to die for.. I need to try those this trip. They also serve popcorn, snacks and have Hungry Howie pizza on the weekends if you need to squeeze in lunch. The saddest part of this whole story is they have sold the land the patch sits on. I know they have planted strawberries for the spring but I believe that is their last crop on this property. Let's hope they find a new spot soon!

Hall Family Farm
10713 Providence Road West
(Across from Walgreens/Publix shopping center)

Happy Pumpkin Picking!

 Some Throwbacks to 2012...

 My peanut. Oh man and I'm crying.

The biggest Pumpkin


  1. This makes me so excited - now we are definitely going! Olivia might be too young to enjoy all of it - but it's too close by not to! And I would go overboard too - anything fall or halloween and I've gone overboard.

  2. What crazy fun parties!! I love this place! If it's around next fall I want an invite to the party :)!