Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Team Ergo or Team Baby Bjorn?

I own the Baby Bjorn and Ford loved it. I worked from home for a month with him 9 weeks-13 weeks and he lived in this thing. He would not nap on his back which we later attributed to his reflux so he literally would sleep in this thing for almost 4 hours while I worked in front of my computer wearing him. I will be working from home again with this baby in January (and possibly February).

Oh what, you don't wear your baby while meeting Ian Murray from Vineyard Vines and slinging back wine?

Now that the Ergo is all the rage I gotta ask...which is better? I'm obviously going to gravitate to the Bjorn since I own it and we had success with it but curious about this Ergo business. I have a friend that has offered to lend me her newborn insert so I would just need to buy the Ergo. 

Ford was tiny, 5 pounds 14 ounces and the Bjorn says you can't use it until 8 pounds but we did anyways. Don't call social services!!!

What do y'all think??? And don't get me started on the wraps. I have the Moby and had success once or twice but I like knowing there are buckles in place. Means that it's idiot proof. (Or sleep deprived mama proof)



  1. new follower here but had to weigh in - my now 1 yr old HATED the ergo. I think the newborn insert traumatized her or something because she has detested getting in it from the get go.

    In my opinion, the ergo is also virtually impossible to get on by yourself. And the newborn insert is hard to use. I really wish we had gone with bjorn instead.

  2. I've had both and I will never go back to the bjorn!! I love the ergo and use it more than my stroller (which I love too). The ergo is better for both of you (spine and back wise). I will say it might not fit your needs with a tiny one. I'm just starting to use it daily at 4 months. I have an insert but it's not that great. I mean it's fine any maybe your peanut would love it but it was way too hot to use this summer. I sucked at the moby / I think I read it's harder for short people to pull it off. And what an awesome picture. Did you lobby for a VV baby line?

  3. I have Bjorn and I hate it! It hurts my back so badly. I don't know if it's a combination of having a c-section and a weak back but I could never wear the Bjorn for longer than an hour. I only used it at the grocery store really. I'm going to get an Ergo for this baby since I figure I'm going to have to do a lot more baby wearing this time around. I tried the Solly baby wrap and got it work once but after that I failed every time. I need idiot proof baby carriers only!

  4. We have the Bjorn and it does hurt my back. I have heard that the ergo is better on your back - and better for their hips? Idk - but the bjorn was a handmedown - so I chose free. :)

  5. Ergo, hands down. It is much better for the baby's hips and spine and your back. Takes a little while to figure out the insert and getting on yourself but then you become a pro. You can even nurse your LO while they are in the ergo with nobody knowing! I'm due in two weeks with my second child and she will live in it as I attempt to keep up with my 2 year old son.