Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Team Ergo or Team Baby Bjorn?

I own the Baby Bjorn and Ford loved it. I worked from home for a month with him 9 weeks-13 weeks and he lived in this thing. He would not nap on his back which we later attributed to his reflux so he literally would sleep in this thing for almost 4 hours while I worked in front of my computer wearing him. I will be working from home again with this baby in January (and possibly February).

Oh what, you don't wear your baby while meeting Ian Murray from Vineyard Vines and slinging back wine?

Now that the Ergo is all the rage I gotta ask...which is better? I'm obviously going to gravitate to the Bjorn since I own it and we had success with it but curious about this Ergo business. I have a friend that has offered to lend me her newborn insert so I would just need to buy the Ergo. 

Ford was tiny, 5 pounds 14 ounces and the Bjorn says you can't use it until 8 pounds but we did anyways. Don't call social services!!!

What do y'all think??? And don't get me started on the wraps. I have the Moby and had success once or twice but I like knowing there are buckles in place. Means that it's idiot proof. (Or sleep deprived mama proof)

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