Thursday, October 9, 2014

Need Help! Big Boy Room Progress

I need your help.

Here is where we are now. And here are the issues I have with this room:

1. I love that brown shelf
Does it fit there? Not exactly. But it holds so much and I have no idea where I would put all his books and odds and ends if I took it out of his room. I could do the ledges like I did in the Nursery for him but this boy has a LOT of books. I could also paint it white like I did with the other in the nursery but his beds are brown.

Or I could put two Ikea Lacks on each side of his bed?

2. Spacing
I would have put the beds under the windows but then the chair wouldn't fit. I had no idea how small this room really was.

3. Lighting
My friend generously gave me a set of swing arm lamps she scored at an estate sale. I'm thinking for the outer side of each bed? Dad insists I put a lamp in the middle but the Mississippi river map takes up quite a bit of space. (And needs to be reframed)

4. Curtains

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a horizontal stripe but not really in the budget and I'm too pregnant to bend over so painting is out. THESE from Pottery Barn are sitting in my cart and would be perfect.
Harper Cordless Blackout Roman Shade $179

Are they too baby? I hate they take up so much of the window but we don't really open the blinds anyways because we hope the darkness would make him sleep longer. BAHAHAHAHA.


Ever since Ashley did her post on Rugs USA I have been eyeing this and I know it would be perfect but it isn't exactly necessary. Rugs USA Santa Ana Striped Rug in Dusk Blue $187 (After discount) and free shipping! That's a steal right?!

6. Get old curtains made into bedskirts 
These antique beds have brass rods for each side so I just need someone who can sew rod pockets and evenly cut to create 3 piece bedskirts. Any resources in Charlotte?

7. Cubes at the end of his bed

These were from Target and I'd love to cover in Burlap instead...also wish they were a tad wider. (Yes the bed on the right is taller, it has the double hideaway bedrails)

8. Gallery Wall above dresser progress
I have two more smaller prints I would like to add and possibly these hooks. Too busy?

Hooks by the door? I have red 1,2,3,4.

9. Monogrammed Pillows for Each Bed + Artwork above Headboard
I'm using what I currently have right now but I love the inspiration pictures below. The Norman Rockwell prints are cute but seem a little small for the wall. Especially compared to the huge map.

Via Pinterest:

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest. Big blown up pics of him and family??

And lastly.....
10. I'm sad he doesn't have more room to play. But this is our 5 more year house and not much we can do about that right now. I will say the Hemnes dresser from Ikea is AMAZING! It fits so much!!!!! And I really wish that hand-me-down chair was 5 inches taller. I can't get up from it after reading to Ford!

I mean, how low can you go?! It was given to me by my former boss and she always ordered her club chairs from Charles Stewart here in NC. Ford keeps asking me to rock him...Maybe I should have splurged on another glider. HA!


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