Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Report-Soccer, Pumpkins, Gone Girl

Soccer bunch. Daycare buddies since 14 months old.

Most of our weekends now revolve around whatever Ford is up to. I'm thankful for our no plans though because it means we just spend time together before the sleepless nights and dairy farm operation kick in.

We had our usual Saturday Soccer game and I finally got to meet Kristin from Playground Prepster! How cute are her boys?!

Ford is getting the hang of it but still is a little Ferdinand the Bull. I think the 4 year olds really grasp the concept so we aren't pushing for any Neymar moves right now.

We also went to Krispy Kreme after and look at the fun doughnuts for October!! Ghostbusters everywhere!

We hit up the Pumpkin Patch across the street where we have been going since 2006. The Simpson family sets up there for Pumpkins and Christmas Trees and are the nicest people ever. Ford wasn't having anything to do with pictures but I snagged one.

For all the nice comments on Instagram...thank you so much. My maternity jeans barely fit (embarassing) and I'm just trying to make it to delivery without buying anything else! Plus that ass reaches farther than it looks, the sun was doing me some favors.

Saturday night we went to Cinebarre and saw Gone Girl. HOLY SHIT.

I really wanted to read the book but that just wasn't going to happen so off to the movies it was. VERY intense and I really had no idea how it would end. DAMN is all I have to say. I wonder if there will be more. Nice cameo by Tyler Perry

Sunday. Funnel Cake. No Shame.
Sunday I was a golf widow (UGH UGH UGH) but it was glorious outside and I wanted to at least wear the little guy out before naptime. We headed to the BEST pumpkin patch in Charlotte, Hall Family Farm, and met up with some buddies.

I swear nobody went to this patch 3 years ago but now it is BONKERS.  I'll do a whole post about them on Wednesday.

And last night we just relaxed and watched Football. I have a HUGE dislike for the Patriots (I think Tom Brady is a smug douchebag) but what they did for Devon Stills was pretty incredible. Devon's 4 year old daughter is battling neuroblastoma. Follow his twitter and Instagram, that is one amazing Dad.

Back to the Patriots......Owner Robert Craft donated $25,000 to the hospital where his little girl is having chemo and the cheerleaders wore his jersey in the 3rd quarter. Classy move Patriots.

Hope everyone enjoyed the cooler weather this weekend! I am refusing to turn on the heat (sorry Max) b/c a warm-up is expected this week. Let's hope the 50's and 60's return soon....this girl LOVES cooler weather.



  1. First of all, you look great!! Secondly, how could you skip the doughnuts at the farm? I know you had Krispy Kreme the day before, but honestly the doughnuts were amazing. So amazing they might be part of my morning commute to preschool. We had funnel cake too (apparently I eat a lot). Love the soccer pictures (including the one with my crazy kids). Ford is adorable (and has the best smile)!

  2. I think you look awesome. You are in the home stretch, I am mailing you some goodies later today so be on the lookout!! and I must take Sterling to Krispy Kreme he is doughnut and halloween obsessed!

  3. I want those doughnuts. What a fun fall weekend. I was impressed with the Patriots kindness. It was a sweet sentiment, but Brady is still a dbag.

  4. I'll have to go to that pumpkin patch - and add to the crowd! We went to sky top orchard on saturday, and that was crazy crowded! No shame in that funnel cake - it looks delicious!

  5. Gone Girl was awesome! I read the book - twice! I was happy the movie stuck closely to the book.

    I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of you and the funnel cake. That is AWESOMENESS. And I will probably be duplicating it in the very near future.