Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas?! Wasn't it just Halloween??

The fact that this is my favorite time of year must make it move wicked fast because Christmas trees are up everywhere and I have yet to toss my pumpkins! (Not a sex act, like literally, throw away my pumpkins.)

We usually get our Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving but we were exhausted. Our Turkey day was fabulous as always but something about a crazy toddler, no sleep, and saying goodbye to my parents lab Dewars has me wiped out. We fly to Florida this Thursday for the Annual Swiss Christmas Party so I have no idea when I'm going to prep my house for the 6th Annual Girls Ornament Exchange.....

Speaking of ornaments...I really really want these!

Land of Nod Otomi Ornaments set of 6 $32. I am in LOVE with all things Otomi and these would be perfect on my tree!

Here are some other scene stealers....I wonder what will be the most stolen ornament this year?!

Adlers Exclusive Christmas Streetcar $60. Who wants to fly me down to Nola for NYE??!!

Woodford Reserve Christmas Ornament $12. I smell (taste) a DIY coming on. The bummer is that it's just resin inside but the description makes up for it. An authentic Woodford Reserve mini-Bottle is filled with a solid and durable resin for a true-to-life look. Sorry, no alcohol in this one. Keeping Junior out of the eggnog is enough trouble without having to worry about him drinking the christmas tree ornaments.

Anthropologie Chip & Whittle Glass Beaver $12. Because it is an all girls party. 

Anthropologie French Horn Ram $14. For all you Tar Heels or TC Roberson grads!

Department 56 Sugar Plum Fairy $25. I was in the Nutcracker as a kid (as a bonbon!) and I still love this timeless story. Does Fletcher School of Dance in Asheville still put this on?

The Department 56 Krinkles line is discontinued, but you can find them all over Ebay. My mom used to work in the BEST Christmas shop in Asheville (Fireside Antiques) and every year she would gift me a few of these works of art. Still some of my favorite!

Wisteria Dashing through the Snow Ornament Set $36. I'm a sucker for any fox characters (Fuchs = Fox) and these guys are adorable!

Did anyone have these ornaments growing up? I'm not sure what the line is called but I still have several.

The Crate and Barrel Bulb Clip Ornaments would look great set a little farther in the tree to reflect your white lights! $18

When we have an update to the family (AKA Marriage, baby..) I head to the Southern Women's Christmas Show and get one of these darling salt dough ornaments. I have mine from when I was little and I love these!

And last but not least....BALLS. Because we all love balls!

I could go on forever but these are a few of my favorites! Where do you like to buy your ornaments from? Which one would you steal?!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Organization for Alzheimer's

Partially true...there will be some boozing and shopping this week!

Both M and I have taken tomorrow off so that I can get knee deep in projects at my parents house. Most of these projects revolve around helping Mom stay organized and minimizing clutter.

I had a sweet conversation with a designer here in Charlotte whose Mom also suffers from early onset ALZ and she said that checklists are very helpful as well as making sure her everyday items are all in plain sight.

I'm thinking the following areas need to be tackled:

  • Makeup Drawer
  • Closet, need to remove all Summer clothes and make sure all winter clothes are on display
  • Kitchen-Need to create a "Family Central" area with the calendar, invites, frequent phone numbers...etc
  • Purse-This one is tricky but I want to create a cosmetic case, easy wallet, and holder for iphone.
  • Iphone-This will be a several hour lesson
  • Vases/Candles/Pots-My mom used to make the most amazing flower arrangements but all her supplies are scattered around the garage, need to create an area that she can play.
  • Computer-Need to cleanup the Desktop and make sure she has shortcuts for Facebook and Gmail and that all her friends' email addresses are saved as contacts.

Here are some great ideas I snagged off Pinterest to help with my projects:

Their new Kitchen doesn't have an area set up yet for a "Family Command Station". I'm making one STAT!

Why can't I find more wallets like this? Opens flat, License in clear sight and cards within easy reach AND a zipper compartment. I'm still using a 10 year old Target wallet b/c it meets this criteria! Via A Bowl Full of Lemons

No way she could lose anything in here, love this organization!

My Dad could fill this out every Sunday so she could do the shopping on her own

Brilliant idea instead of filling up your poor keychain. Yes, I know there is an app for that but this is easier.

This is happening! (And I am tossing all the Clinique giveaway stuff from the 90's)

I can never ever find the lint roller. Genius

Mom and Dad have quite the medicine cabinet so this will be so nice when you are trying to find something specific.


This idea will be used in the kitchen too

Already ordered tension rods off Amazon

Mom was once quite the present wrapper so we have a great collection of the necessities. I'm thinking this for over her closet door.

This might not happen but I will try!

Do you have any good tips for home organization??


Monday, November 19, 2012

Charleston Bourbon Recap

Erin, Chassity, Julia, Amanda, Anna, Natalie, Me & Casey

I had an absolutely wonderful time this weekend. Giggle time with my unofficial Godson, girly time with Erin, and a legit Ladies Night Out on the town in Charleston.

Let's do a quick Recap (Of all the Bourbon I drank Saturday night)

1. Hotel Room Predrinking: The men in our lives bucked up and got us a room for the night knowing damn well neither one of us would be able to drive. 
Hotel Room = Halfsies on a bottle of Prosecco

2. Predinner drinks at Closed for Business. Bulleit on the Menu and a hot waitress with red hair from Alaska.
Closed for Business = 2 Bulleits

3. Dinner at Macintosh. Gorgeous spot with 8 gorgeous girls. 
Macintosh = 3 Bourbon & Diet Cokes

4. The Cocktail Club. Probably my most favorite spot of the night. No idea why we got to skip the line, My guess it was Miss Chassity! Amazing atmosphere, great bartenders and outdoor patio
Cocktail Club = 2 or 3 My Old Favorite Fall Cocktails, SO GOOD! Credit Card receipt looks like 4 but I think I bought someone a drink.

5. Stars. Very cool rooftop patio...lots of stairs. Ran into some LSU fans and sang hot boudin for them. 
Stars = 1 Bourbon & Diet, drank half

6. Trio. Felt very very old but that didn't stop me from getting on stage and booty dancing for a song or two. Not me but did dance on THAT stage.

***Intermission**** Walking down the street and ATE PAVEMENT. Walked over a freshly mulched tree and went. down. to. the. ground. I did yell MULCH just in case anyone behind me wanted to navigate away from my untimely fate. (You know, like when you are kayaking and you yell branch or rock?)

7. Rue de Jean. Miss Erin ordered Sushi but at this point I really really needed Pokey Sticks. Thanks for the picture Bartender.
Rue = 1 Bourbon...DIDN'T DRINK IT.

Verdict? Awesome night. I'm not posting this to brag about liquor consumption, mainly to use as an excuse that if you saw me out and I showed you my awesome full body spanx you now know why. Also, I am quite proud of the fact that I cut myself off and took off my contacts. Two huge grown-up moves. 

**You should not drink multiple liquor drinks unless you know your limits. Knowing when to push your drink back to the bartender is something every girl should know. Binge drinking is not cool or hip. KNOW YOUR LIMITS.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Williams-Sonoma Roast

Thanks to my pal Charlie I'm CRYING over here reading this spoof on Williams Sonoma. I remember awhile back someone did a Pottery Barn one, anyone know where it is? I was so jealous b/c I say super funny things in my head ALL THE TIME but I never write them all down like these geniuses. Okay, not super funny but I giggle at myself frequently.

Here's the best...

Item #02-787713 Williams-Sonoma Cocktail Rimming Sugar

Williams-Sonoma says: "Spiced, Citrus, or Vanilla."
Price: $8.95
Notes from Drew: Why have an ordinary rimjob when you can add just a touch of Madagascar vanilla? That's how classy folk do their rimming.

I actually had a good post in the works for today but it is taking to freaking and I know nobody reads my stuff if I post after 10am EDT. Oh let's face it, nobody reads this blog except you gorgeous saucy 143 followers! I actually like some Williams Sonoma stuff but the guy has a point. 
Its almost the weekend! Are you prepping your liver?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Outfits from Southernbelle

I promise my next two posts are going to rock, but I've had a crazy week already (thanks stomach bug) and am trying to get my rear in gear for CHARLESTON!

Anyways, I need every single outfit in this picture. Thank goodness the original source can be found so you can look up the clothes. I still cannot find the black dress I posted about here.

All outfits via Southernbelle on Polyvore.







Stop it! (Perfect for Thanksgiving in the Mountains)




Fox flats? STOP. My last name = Fox in German.

 My puffer vest and fleece vest are both from the Bush Era. I need a new vest.

Anything from the above would be a great gift for me! (I already have the plaid shirt, flat boots and jeans...otherwise go for it!) Thank you Southernbelle for all your outfit ideas! They are perfection!