Friday, February 28, 2014


I am typing this post in tears. I know there are people out there in the world going through so much more than my small petty problems, but they are my problems and they are large to me.

I have been to 3 Doctors in 3 days. The first my OBGYN to measure my hormone levels to make sure I ovulated. I'm not sure clomid does this for everyone but I got very sick over last weekend while in Orlando and this past Monday was doubled over in pelvic pain while in Asheville. I asked her to screen my urine b/c I felt a UTI coming on and while it didn't show signs of a UTI there was blood present so it got sent off for a culture.

The next was my regular doctor. She is by far the most amazing person in the world. She lost her mother to Alzheimer's last year and is one of the very few people that can look me in the eyes and say it is a shitty situation and it won't get better. She loves me for being a total spastic crazy person and even though I rattle off a list that would signal that I am a hypochondriac she knows my chart and knows that I am not. I had almost 10 tubes of blood taken. The hairloss and joint pain is real and now I have some crazy issue with my knee. I screamed and fell over when we got home today and again last night. I'm not happy.

The third was my son's pediatrician. Of course the week that we are both playing catchup with work he gets a fevero (104, he doesn't fuck around) and I took him this morning as a precaution. The Dr. ordered a pee sample and although I knew this was totally unnecessary maybe he is just being cautious. I will spare you from the drama but I was there 2 hours, came home with the damn bag stuck to my son's penis and then had to go back to drop the pee off. 

Me in 2012. UTI > Kidney Infection > Sepsis >Atrial Fibrillation 
I'm just tired. I'm over going to Dr's and waiting for results. Mainly b/c I had a UTI that became a Kidney Infection and then Sepsis and I almost died. I'm not kidding. I know I'm not the healthiest person in the world but damn, i'm only 33 (for two more weeks) and this is ridiculous.

There are a bunch of articles out there saying "Stop being busy", "Being busy is not productive", "Stop the Glorification of being busy". But listen fuckers. I AM busy. Most of the people I know are busy. I am a working mom. I clock at a minimum 50 hours a week. My son is not the type to entertain himself. I try to go to Asheville and help whenever I can with my mother. I have a stepson that we either have come visit here or go see him every month. I am trying to help the Alzheimer's Association get 100 volunteers for the Queen's Cup Steeplechase. I have a blog as a hobby that I constantly neglect and my true passion, photography, goes to the wayside as I have no time for classes or Photoshop tutorials. So leave us busy people alone. We are legitimately busy. I don't brag about it, it is a fact. And yes..I am aware what two kids instead of one will do to my busyness, but that is FINE with me! Piss off. And I will admit it when I am free. Like next weekend, I have an event Thursday and a consignment sale Friday but I'm FREE Saturday and Sunday. You hear that? FREE!

So that is me today. Sorry for the page-full. I really wish I was inebriated in New Orleans catching beads and eating King Cake.

Pity Party K

PS-Yes, I need to have more faith. And I want want want to go to Church more. But my son HATES the nursery there and that just adds stress to that whole situation. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SEWE Weekend

This weekend Charleston hosts the 32nd Annual Southeastern Wildlife Expo. This year will be our fourth annual hang-out-with-friends-and-let-our-kids-run-all-over-Charleston trip. We do get one adults only night which I am very much looking forward to!

From the SEWE Site: 
The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition was established in 1982; the first Exposition was in February 1983. Since then, SEWE has grown from 100 exhibitors and 5,000 attendees to the largest event of its kind in the nation. Today, an average of 40,000 attendees come to see more than 500 artists, exhibitors and wildlife experts from around the world.
Its continued mission: to contribute to the local economy while promoting wildlife and nature conservation and preservation has grown in size and impact each year, making SEWE invaluable to all of South Carolina’s resources.
My first year we didn't even know it was SEWE and headed down to Charleston to shop for Wedding attire. If you need a great men's store go to Dumas. I'm not sure if he is still there but Colin was amazing and got Max in bow ties and blazers and pink pants. The pink pants didn't make it past the dressing room but we did purchase our Groomsmen suits there. We picked tan Poplin suits..they were perfect and not expensive! Bonus-There are usually either Boykin or Lab Puppies in the window. Puppy Breath is free without purchase.

Three years later we went down and stayed with our good buddies. They kick off the weekend with an Oyster Roast at their friend's house and it SNOWED! That was a low-key trip since we had my stepson with us but we still had a ball.
D's favorite part (and soon to be my son's favorite part) is the Dock Dogs competition. Every year we want to enter Boudreaux but it would take up so much time....I think he would win!!!

 Last year was quite Epic. And by Epic I mean I put on probably one of my top 10 asshole drunk displays ever. The beautiful and wonderful ladies and gentlemen from our 10 person dinner at Fat Hen have fortunately forgiven me and invited us back this year!

How could a weekend with parents and kids be so fun?? One of my favorite things about being parents is you instantly can make friends with other parents. 
Saturday morning last year we parked our strollers in front of the bluegrass stage (and beer tent) and hung out for several hours chasing each other's kids and talking about the joys (and pitfalls) of parenting. I have said it many times but I find days like that therapeutic just knowing other people are dealing with the same strange quirks my own son is going through. i.e. obsessed with "soccer pants" and the pickiest eater EVER.

Our group last year. That is my son and his godmother in the top left corner. She is the hostess with the mostest and has a gorgeous new house out on John's Island. The little boy my son is dancing with is Will and the beautiful blonde is Charlie. The kids in the bottom left were adorable and dancing with our kids on the stage. Anybody know their parents? I have a gazillion pics of them.

The kids love SEWE too because there are tons of animals to see and other kids to play with. We aren't going to the Jack Hanna show but there is plenty to do without buying tickets.

This year I'm excited to try out The Ordinary with a big crazy group one night for dinner. Other things we might try to squeeze in..... Brunch at Fat Hen, Picnic at Drayton Hall, and Max is obsessed with Home Team BBQ. Oh...and just maybe some shopping???
While drinking beer and chasing kids, here are some of the vendors I would like to check out:

Boykins hold a special place in my heart. My brother's dog Camille was the mother to my puppy Roux. He was my gift when I returned home from camp in 1988? 1989? He was the sweetest dog that ever lived. Well, him and Dewars his Yellow lab buddy. I would like to help out Boykin Spaniel Rescue as either a foster or to help with communicating when fosters are needed. 
In fact, maybe I'll shop at their tent. I think I need a few more Tervis (Lifetime guarantee my ass)

It is Valentine's Day Weekend.....

My cousin gave me one of these as a Wedding gift and my Dad has been eyeing it ever since!

We pass this place every year on our trip to Pawleys. Would be a fun place to go with friends!

Any of you going to be out and about Saturday?
Fingers crossed we can make it there!

PS-Tax Season stinks. Ben at Thiem and McCutcheon is AMAZING and takes all the stress off our shoulders. THANKS Ben!!! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

One Week Until Valentine's Day AKA "Business Time"

 Image via xoJane

All I truly ever want for Valentine's Day is a card and something thoughtful, like my favorite drink from Starbucks or favorite Breakfast. But you have to write in the a 20 word  minimum. 


I don't need an elaborate gift because usually I'll just get secretly mad at you for spending the money. We don't really go on a date because Valentine's Day always coincides with SEWE in Charleston so we get to spend the holiday with all our crazy friends down in the low country.

Oh, and here is my order in writing just in case you forgot. (The places closest to our house)

Grande Non-Fat Chai and the OLD version of the lemon iced pound cake. Those jerks took that off the menu so the pink cake pop will suffice. I just had one of those and HOT DAMN.

Cinnamon Crunch Bagel with Hazelnut Cream Cheese and a fountain diet pepsi (VOMIT) but put Barq's rootbeer on the top so I don't know its Pepsi.

Double Breakfast Burrito Meal with a HUGE Diet Coke. Yep, I eat like white trash.

BUT if you are so inclined to add something to your cart on Amazon or pass by the mall here you go:

I'm a candle hoarder and this is the first new scent I've purchased in awhile. It is so fresh and wonderful.

25% off today
This popped up in my email the day I said I wouldn't buy any  more clothes until my birthday. Soooo pretty!

I love Chloe and this one is unbelievable! I steal a sample every time I go to Nordstrom. Because I'm cheap like that.

I had the other cross necklace from Tiffany that I loved but a certain two year old at the time snapped it. I cannot find it anywhere and miss it terribly! I used to wear the cross necklace everyday along with my Mignon Faget fleur de lis amulet and then last year just my initial necklace. Seems time for a new everyday necklace right? I loved layering them but they would always tangle. Probably user-error.

Wild Blackberry and Rose are two of my all time favorites...hard to find these days!!!

I know you don't like my sorority shirts from the 90's that I sleep in.
You're wearing that same old, baggy t-shirt with the stain on it

That you got from that team-building exercise
That you did for your work several years ago

(Team building exercise '99! ) 

This lotion is one of the rare finds that smells incredible and can keep my skin hydrated all day. 

I am in LOVE with this painting by Mary Kent (a Rockbrook girl!). I would love one in purples or blues or golds or silvers. I'm thinking of one for my birthday maybe. Would be neat to have one in all purples for Alzheimer's. Ohh, a purple silouhette for Alzheimer's. LOVE it. On Notecards. Hmmm. but love this painting too. Dangit! 
Mary Kent, you will be getting an email from me soon! (My birthday is 1 month from Valentine's Day)

Banshee from Winestore
Or really anything wet from Winestore. They know me. Hit up Matt at the Blakeney store. He is a Wine-Genius. 

Love baseball hats. Especially for my no makeup trips to daycare.

And one last idea...Tickets to see Foster the People and St. Lucia at the Fillmore in May! $37.50 each (plus lots and lots of fees)

 Kisses to you and yours next week

Thursday, February 6, 2014

House Projects-Bedroom Shuffling and Big Boy Room

My childhood room. Raging 80's awesomeness. That's my Aunt and Uncle probably spoiling me rotten.

My son still sleeps in a crib. (And has his BB AKA pacifier) But he only gets it at night to sleep. oh, and naps. oops.
He will be 3 in March and has not been potty trained and loves his crib. I kind of thought I would be pregnant at this point which would give me the incentive to get him in a big boy bed and so I could decide what type of round robin we would do with the guest/kids rooms upstairs but since I'm still knocking back the bourbon here is what I'm thinking.....

F's current room
 (These were taken in July 2011). I finally found the twin to this bookcase and just need to paint it. It is currently on the other side of the Daybed (We will probably sell the Daybed if anyone is interested, it has a rail you can put in it to prevent toddlers from falling off)

This room is right beside ours. Our upstairs layout is a hallway with 2 bedrooms on each side and a guest bath in the middle. The master has its own TINY bathroom. I would prefer to have the guest room beside us since it is used the least, and if  (when) we have another kid I would make it a guest room/nursery combo.

D's current room to become F's big boy room
Sorry for iPhone pics

My stepson will always have his own room. He loves his room here especially since we added curtains and put the tempurpedic topper on his bed (It was too hot for ours). He closes the curtains at night and sleeps almost as late as his Dad! 
I think I am going to move him to what is the current guest room because 1. It has the huge gun safe in the closet. I would feel more comfortable with the oldest kid having this in their room (the safe is locked). and 2. There is a door to access the half attic. Again, only something I think the oldest kid could handle. So I would like to move him over there. This wouldn't require much but would need to repaint. What color? His walls are white now. He has Navy and white bedding and navy curtains. He loves all things Karate and loves Xbox. Maybe frame a few maps of Japan??

Current Guest Room to become D's Room

This will become D's room. I love love love this green and the curtains were a gift from an Upholsterer in Florida who said his client didn't like the ruffle. Free Manuel Canovas curtains? Yes please!!!! I could pretty much move all this furniture to the hopefully new nursery/guest room combo and put the Crib in front of the window. That way if we have guests in town the baby can come sleep in our room and the guests still have a spot. Or if D is here he can bunk up with F in his big boy room twin beds and his room can be used.

Future Big Boy Room ideas

If you have read Julia's blog you can tell she and I have very similar tastes. I want it good looking but fun. I want it to represent my sons favorite things but don't want CARS wallpaper. I'm starting to see rooms that are too grown up and I don't think that is fair to kids. Let their rooms be silly and fun! (But not tacky)

First I'm pretty sure I want twin beds. I've begged my Dad to give up the ones I had in my room but he won't budge. (My parents house would be ideal for bunk beds! Right Jackie?!)

Next I have these two paintings by Mary Anne McCarley of Pawleys Island. 

The dark frames don't do the paintings justice so I'm thinking of having them reframed with white and light blue mats. What do you think? Gold frames? Silver? Lighter Wood?

So here are the items I'm searching for:
Twin Beds or make the headboards. (M made ours)
Good looking Bedding. I like what Caycee did in her son Carson's room.
Dresser (His current one will stay in nursery/guest room
Nightstand in between beds
Swing arm lamps?

And here is some Inspiration.....

Love this for D's room. I would add more boy touches but still pretty enough for guests.

 Love Buffalo Check. Great wall color..but needs more boy touches.

Perfection. Again...needs some more youthful touches.

 Love, but I can't do the tucked in bedding. That would be a pain in the ass.

 Bedding perfection and love the lamps. But I think its safer to attach them to the wall.

Bedding gorgeousness. I have that mirror and I think there is a ship painting in my parent's attic. My mother in law has a huge ship painting I am in love with! I'm assuming that's a Dash and Albert and it looks great here. Not matchy-matchy just clean and preppy.

 Love this room. How could you not smile in here? 

 A tad girly but i LOVE the all white bedding with just a pop of color in the boudoir pillow and pompom blanket. 

 Definitely preppy, maybe for D or F. Screams Fuck yeah America!

 This room is a tad Eyore-ish but love the blankets at the end. 

 LOVE LOVE LOVE this shared room by Holly Mathis. And she is winning with the easy-to-make-up bed plan.

 This room kicks ass in every way possible. I go back and forth between bright and crazy and dark and outdoorsy. This is a happy room for a kid and that is how kid rooms should be! Maybe I do this to the current nursery/future guest room combo nursery? I think this is Meg Braff but can't remember.

 Could be a cool palatte for a teenage boy.

 Love the Bamboo shade and the art above the beds. I used to get my Bamboos at Home Depot and they are gone! Any source ideas? I need to replace one in the kitchen and one for the TV room.

 Golf and husband's two favorite things.

 Love the mix of blue and white. 

 Rug under each bed?

 Nice clean bedding....

 Most gorgeous bedding ever. But big boy appropriate???

 Great design by Opal Design Group.

 Its official...I'm bedding obsessed.
Drink for everytime I say bedding. Start the post over.

 Cute. A tad too theme oriented but love the wall color. (And the damn bedding)

 Love all of this. Buffalo check, killer headboards, pretty nightstand. I don't think we can make those ourselves though....we are stuck with rectangular shapes around these non DIY parts.

 Not a huge fan of the bed frames but it doesn't matter with the....wait for it......great bedding! (drink) And this bedding (drink) doesn't even look that expensive. Looks like a twin coverlet set with some add-ons.

 I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get this map. I think Pottery Barn Kids was selling it?

 D's room will definitely have a desk area, this is a good option if you are short on space.

 Love this room. What do you think of beds in front of windows? Weird? Cool?

Any advice? The biggest pain will be swapping all the paint colors but it also a cheap change.