Friday, December 31, 2010

Au Revoir 2010!

2010 was a year of growth for this family. Growth in our marriage, growth in our jobs, and physical growth with this huge pregnant belly! Marriage is one of those amazing things that can morph and twist and turn and I believe it not only gets better every year, but we rediscover ourselves through our relationship with our spouse. And on that note I can admit that I am so excited to be having a romantic dinner tonight with M at Ruth's Chris just the two of us! Yes, I will miss my intoxicated house parties with my friends and Mr. Jim Beam but as next year approaches I feel these dinners will be few and far between.

So here is to you M. Thank you for helping me through the stressful parts of our life....We have been through so much together and I can't wait to experience everything 2011 has in store for us with babyfu on the way. I love you!

And to all of you out there having bubbly don't forget about AAA's Tow to Go Program. From the Sun Sentinel....

"If you're at a bar, a restaurant or even a holiday party, you can call 1-800-AAA-HELP and basically we will send a tow truck driver to your location. And, they'll give you a free, confidential tow and ride home," said Jessica Brady, a public relations manager for AAA Auto Club South."

Lastly, thank you for reading my blog! My New Year's resolution is 3 posts a week! Happy New Year to you all!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ann Taylor Loft Maternity..cute? Sold Out?

I was getting ready to write a scathing post about how all of Ann Taylor Loft's Maternity line is either Sold Out or only available in XL..but while grabbing images from their site I see they finally have some smaller sizes in. I am disappointed this really cute blue and white striped tee is gone, but what do you think of the following pieces??

Maternity Striped Slub Hoodie $49.50
Cute with white jeans if you are preggo after Easter. Or cute now to carry you into Spring!

Maternity Knit Dress with Knot Front $129
The model looks pretty angry but I would wear the heck out of this b/c you can just pop it on over leggings or tights.

Maternity Button Down $44.50
I would wear this to work at least twice a week..makes jeans looks a little less frumpy and adds a little business to my normally lame work attire as of late.

Maternity V-neck Dress by Bellyssima (They had Pink!) $64.99 SOLD OUT
The pink version is so fresh and pretty and for my baby boy's shower I was leaning towards wearing pink. Not sure when this was ever in Stock

Maternity Cowl Neck Sweater $64.50 SOLD OUT
Yes, I know the sold out stuff is on sale..but I have been checking frequently and I never saw it in my size. LOVE this sweater...perfect for this chilly weather & snow!!!

Has anyone ever ordered from AT Loft Maternity? They have a 50% off sale today so I'm tempted to get a few pieces!!! Enter SALE50 at checkout

PS-Are these chicks really pregnant? If so I need their self-tanner

Images via Ann Taylor Loft

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Megan over at A Life's Design posted about this great article from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. First.... I just wanna throw in a WE DAT! (New Orleans beat ATL last night in ATL. Big deal! We secured a playoff spot!!)

These pictures are absolutely STUNNING. I have to post the Green bedroom first because this is where I was going with the Nursery ideas. Remember my post about Green Leontine pillows and fun China Seas fabrics? You can read it here.

Here is what I was going for...but with pale blue walls and a blue/green pattern somewhere. Or using one of the those fantastic green ikats with a pale blue border. This picture also shows how you can take white curtains and add a solid border which fancies them up a bit. Pauline Pitt used to add 4" or even 6" border to wide white curtains and it looked fantastic on the leading edges!!! Absolutely LOVE this room.

My dream outdoor living area.  Would also like an Outdoor kitchen/dining area but this will do for play time.

Beautiful Kitchen! I think the chairs are a little cumbersome but still gorgeous. Hydrangeas are one of my favorites!

I have lots of color in my house...but I always love homes soaked in neutrals. Look how soothing these two different areas are?

Thank you Megan for posting!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Natalie Portman Knocked Up!

Just heard through the official news site Natalie Portman is knocked up. Yay for 2011 babies! Has anyone seen Black Swan? I'm dying to!!!

Some Natalie Goodness....

Images via Google Image search

Tips for the New Year from House Beautiful

I'm in major purging mode. I wouldn't consider myself a pack rat or a hoarder but I have stuff...lots and lots of stuff. So in preparation for BabyFu I am trying to get rid of anything I don't need!

House Beautiful has a great article on their website page today about ways refresh your home for the New are a few images.

#1-Clear up the Entryway. My Mudroom is a disaster right now with laundry/presents to be returned/multiple purses. Time to rethink the bench that never gets sat on!

#5-Show off your dishware. This could free up some cabinet space!! I might select a few Serving pieces and hang them in the Dining Room & Kitchen. Anybody have any good hanging methods for pieces you will actually use?

#4-Re-purpose an Antique. I currently have a piece similar and while it is not an antique I think I can get more storage out of it...LOVE this as a bar. I am dying to show off our fun glassware.

#7-Make a Home Office. I am in desperate need of this. M has his own office area but we really want to make his into built-ins in our formal living room. My area is a small spot in the kitchen. I need a place where I can have personal laptop + work laptop/monitor and then all my stationary..etc. We are running out of rooms so maybe a desk in the guest room? The only issue is when I am on maternity leave and work from home the 3rd month I will have to kick out guests....decisions decisions.

#13-Be Fancy. Well this will never happen in the master bathroom as it is a closet, but I would love a great storage piece in the guest bath. Funnily enough this piece is similar to one that has been offered to me by a friend. I really want to put it in the guest room so at least my personal laptop/stationary will have a home.

What are you working on for the New Year? So far I have put mini-martini glasses in my give away pile!

All Photos & article via House Beautiful

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nursery Art

Yes...another nursery post. I promise to post something NON Nursery before Christmas!!!

So people keep asking me if I have a theme. I really don't...or I'm trying not to. I can't decide though if I should stick with pastels..I have a beautiful dhurrie that was in my parents attic that is pale blues and greens. Or do I use this fabric I really really want to use and introduce jewel tones? All Blue Nursery below...

Too many decisions!!

And another area I'm having issues. I have a beautiful Fox print by Sallie Middleton. (My last name means Fox in German) But I also have this AWESOME New Orleans 1980 Rodeo print I love. However, the Rodeo print is straight 80's in the color choices. I wish there was a magic place I could take it to make it all blues, or pastel it, or get an outline made.....ideas? And the fox print is a definite. But can I mix the two in the same room? I also have two Norman Rockwell books I had imagined tearing out the drawings pertaining to children and doing a gallery wall above the crib in Ikea frames....(yes, the whole blog world just gagged at gallery wall)

From the Parents' Attic

Sallie Middleton "Young Fox" I go the economical route and stick with pale blues? Get white curtains and hopefully border them in 3" plain blue? Frame the Fox in pale silver?

Or do I buy 12 yards of the fabric I really really like, throw in some Babar prints (and my fox) and add some punch?

I did go with this bedding b/c it was on sale and matches the walls. I can still go with the all blue or pops of color....So...back to color vs pale blue...

Can I do both?

Why is this so stressful!


Because I'm not drinking.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Design & Naming Baby Block

Jenny Lind Crib

You dream of these moments for years...picking out a baby name and decorating the nursery. Fabric swatches are piled all over your dining room table as you decide what matchsticks you should use under the curtains and if the glider should match the shams on the daybed or the crib bumper. Your soon-to-be little boy's name is PERFECT and his monogram is already being printed on your Leontine Linen order...

Leontine Linens


Between working 50+ hours at work, feeling like humpty dumpty, and the Holidays; I haven't even picked a paint color or name. And yes...I do have plenty of time but the ceilings are finally being scraped upstairs (eat me popcorn) and our nice little worker said he could paint the nursery also for a song....


HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a yellow kitchen, blue guest room (all very mild pastels)...does that force me to do pale green? I love pale green but also have some pretty fabulous Volanges Toile by Manuel Canovas pale green curtains...maybe I should paint the guest room pale green and put the curtains in there and go for baby blue in the nursery?

And is Serena and Lily over? I LOVE it but afraid by the time I pop this kiddo out S&L will be so 200andlate.

S&L Asher
S&L Ben
S&L Blake

S&L Ronan

I know I like the Jenny Lind Crib pictured up top (and above in the Serena & Lily pic). I have a daybed for the room, and I like some of the items below...just having massive color issues. Most people tell me to try to make sure I can carry some of the items to his big boy room. Oh right....more complications...

Bogart Flat Weave Wool Rug from Garnet Hill

Pottery Barn Bailey Baskets

China Seas Jungle on Tint

Rikshaw Bombay Pattern

Jonathan Adler Giraffe Sconce

Bamboo Mirror

China Seas

Rattan Hamper from Home Decorator's Collection

China Seas Shrimp on Tint

Any advice?


Images from Serena & Lily and the blogosphere

Friday, November 5, 2010

Huge Furniture Sale Today & Tomorrow at Lux!!!!!!

If you are in Charlotte you must stop by this huge sale! Several designers are dumping their goods onto the Lux Lampshade Warehouse off Southside Dr! This will be going on throughout the weekend!

Get there soon!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hair Length

I think I look better with long hair, but it's killing me. If you hate blow drying your hair put your hands up.

So how is the length below? Olivia Palermo pulls off that in-between length pretty well right?

Images via Day Old News

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beautiful Pregnant vs. Me

Look at Celerie Kemble. Gorgeous, glowing, lush thick hair, absolutely stunning and incredibly stylish...all of that and she is pregnant!

And then there is me. Large, pale, and angry.


Images via IMDB and Lonny

Monday, October 11, 2010

Movie House Porn-ATL Version

So M surprised me this weekend and instead of The Town we went to see Life as we Know it. Yes, this prego chick cried like a little girl with a skinned knee. I give it a thumbs up. Yes, it is another Heigel romantic comedy, but it was cute and thoughful and entertaining. Husband rating - "that was cute". (And Duhamel was in Transformers so bonus points there).

I was so happy Christina Hendricks was in the movie! Even if it was a brief appearance it was nice to see she is breaking into other roles.

I WANT THAT HOUSE!!!! Not exactly as it is decorated but the square footage and the floor plan. The huge kitchen with the wall of windows, the amazing back yard, the natural light all throughout the house, the runner down the stairs, the stone fireplace, the HARDWOOD FLOORS, the size of the bedrooms, and did I mention the Kitchen/family room area??? See for yourself!

Apparently the house itself was also in Atlanta so I'm curious which genius blogger friend can find it!

All images via IMDB