Friday, May 31, 2013

Party Casual

 The parents are headed to town today for our friend's daughter's engagement party. The invite says Party Casual. I always spaz out over what to wear. I wish I didn't but well...I'm a spaz. And as those f#cking Gaspard and Lisa bunnies on Disney would say, that's what best spazzes do. (I seriously hate that show. Those bunnies should be boiled in a pot by Glenn Close)

I'm thinking Party Casual in Charlotte in  June means a sundress and wedges? Or white pants and a cute top? This Irish girl can't handle the heat well so white pants might just melt off. Here are a few cute outfit choices (none of which I will get btw, just admire).

Devon Baer on Etsy

Lilly Pulitzer with wedges...cute but too momish? My mom would look fantastic in this.

Would love to be able to mix and match a-la-Blair!

This would be adorable with white jeans. Tried to find the

More Lilly, I love navy in the summer and those wedges rock! (Those are wedges mom)

I cannot wear yellow but Mom totally can. She would look beautiful in this with white pants! Via Anthropologie

Classy Girls Wear Pearls in a Sheridan French. Love this dress. Just learning about Sheridan French and now I'm in love.....just also saw this..

Gabby Dress in Fluro Pink Ikat. I die. 

Another friend of Classy Girls Wear Pearls but in Brooks Brothers. I wore this to a Christening and love it. Shocked it came from BB.

Um, all of these outfits from Troubadour. The Pink is to die for. And those blue and white pants...if only I was tall. Chassity can totally rock the yellow too. Not fair.

Another fun summer look from Classy Girls Wear Pearls. 

Not going to lie, I want the dress the little girl has on. Think I can fit in a kids 16?

Will probably end up wearing this Lilly Pulitzer dress or...

This Vineyard Vines one

And for the men..........
I love a man in a checked shirt. How about one of these, a blazer and these shoes.....

Just kidding M! I think these are the girl version anyways. Only in Palm Beach baby! (That is directed at you Beau Breckenridge)

Not party appropriate but just a shout out to Roger Pearce and Mario Aranda who both had babies this week! Congrats guys!!!

Can't wait to toast my friends!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Meanwhile In.....

Do you ever browse the humor section on Pinterest? I was trying to explain the "Meanwhile In" meme to a friend this weekend and rather than giggle through an explanation I figured it would be easier to just post some. Let's start with a personal one. Its "throwback Thursday" (#tbt) on Instagram so I always go dig out an old photo in the morning and came across this gem.

Yep. That's me. On the right. I think it was 1989. This is me modeling for Sky City. That's freaking right. SKY CITY. My other modeling gig? Limited Too. I know, you dislike me a little more now that you know about my modeling career. 

There are gazillions but these were the ones I could find with a quick search! All found on google images. 


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Pinday

So maybe setting a theme for each day will help me stick to blogging more. *maybe*. Wednesday will be Pinning day. Today my pins are stuff I want to get done in the house. (Or things I want M to get done in the house)

Pinterest is the new meth so here are a few of my strung out desires......

Desperately want this entire room. But I would gladly settle for the roman shades. Might enlist my girl Sarah to help with this.

Thinking of spraying all the frames in the work-in-progress gallery wall gold..yes? And maybe the shelves in the TV room. And maybe a side table. And maybe the black lab.

Begging M to do this in the guest bathroom...PLEASE!!!!!!!!! See how good it looks???

Would be perfect!!! And see, the guy above did it and you have WAY better hair! Please M?

Summer fireplaces drive me crazy. Its a huge gaping dark hole under my huge dark TV. Ideas? I don't want to see any gaps. A fern just doesn't cut it.

Need to gloss over our front door. It is already black, how do I just gloss it? Also need a fox doorknocker.

These would be awesome for the office.

Please M???!!! Look how organized!!!!

Dying to get the 3 huge tupperware bins out of the half attic full of books. Dead space at the top of the stairs would be money. Thoughts???

Both the Master bath (bahahaha, master my ass) and the guest bath need this. Please!

So. Today my meth wishlist is aimed at my husband. Think he will do any of these? Looks like I'll have to think of some things to bargain with.  (wink, wink, cough, cough)


Friday, May 24, 2013

Festival de Cannes

Octavia Spencer looks amazing! via Colorlines

Love seeing Carey Mulligan's hair down

Back in 2008 we were lucky enough to visit my Aunt's home in Provence. We happened to be there the same week as the Cannes Film Festival and my brother stashed a tuxedo in his luggage with the off chance that we might be able to sneak over there. We didn't make it to Cannes but I love looking at the pictures every year!

Look at Jessica Chastain...gorgeous! We just watched Zero Dark Thirty. She said fuck a lot and was badass. Loved it.

Here is some hilarity from our friends at BuzzFeed. And I believe they were totally on point with this:

21. Anais Monory is a beautiful woman who should definitely be on the fashion industry’s radar.

If she’s not wearing the hell out of those asymmetrical white tiers, no one’s ever worn the hell out of anything.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Severe Weather Preparation

 Some things just seem to hit you harder when you are a mom. Watching the coverage of the destruction in Moore, Oklahoma is heartbreaking and gut-wrenching. Why an elementary school?

The F Family Tornado plan is to go to our hallway powder room with our Emergency Box and a mattress. Helmets hadn't crossed my mind until today so I will be adding them to the list. Does your family have a plan? With summertime around the corner you could make this a week long activity. Cover a natural disaster a day with a little lesson about each type of weather event and where you would go. You could also make shopping for the items at the store a scavenger hunt of sorts.

Here are some tips on how you can help and how you can prepare your family as much as possible. 

The following are things you can do to protect yourself, your family and your property before severe weather:
  • Build an Emergency Supply Kit, which includes items like non-perishable food, water, a battery-powered or hand-crank radio, extra flashlights and batteries. You may want to prepare a portable kit and keep it in your car in case you are told to evacuate. This kit should also include a pair of goggles and disposable breathing masks for each member of the family.
  • Make a Family Emergency Plan. Your family may not be together when disaster strikes, so it is important to know how you will contact one another, how you will get back together and what you will do in case of an emergency.
  • Continually monitor the media – Be aware of storm's which could impact your area.
  • Know how you will be warned in an emergency (NOAA Weather radios with a tone alert are a good option).
  • Know if you live or work in a flood prone area. Check with your local emergency management for details.
  • Know where to shelter (ie: basement, interior room/hall, bathroom, closet, etc) if conditions warrant and where shelters in your area are located.
  • Ensure your home is ready – Elevate items in the basement which could be flooded. Bring in outdoors items such as children's toys, patio furniture, garbage cans, etc which could be blown around and damaged. Remove dead or rotting trees and branches that could fall and cause injury or damage.
  • Know how to shut off utilities, including power, water and gas, to your home. Have proper tools (i.e.: wrench) ready and nearby.
  • Find out what types of events and kinds of damages are covered by your insurance policy. Keep insurance policies, important documents and other valuables in a safe and secure location.
  • Keep fire extinguishers on hand and make sure everyone knows how to use them.
You can find tons of lists through Pinterest such as these.
$49.99 Northern Tool & Equipment

This is a great article from on what to put in your Emergency Kit.

Here are ways that you can help the families in Oklahoma:

The Red Cross
The Red Cross of Oklahoma has activated its safe and well website for those who are trying to reconnect with loved ones. Red Cross officials and volunteers are also beginning to open shelters. The first is at St. Andrews Church. You can help their efforts by donating to the Red Cross online or by texting REDCROSS to 90999.
The Salvation Army has also jumped into action. It's in multiple locations throughout cities in Oklahoma providing food, hydration and emotional support to first responders and storm survivors. You can contribute to the Salvation Army by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY (1-800-725-2769), online on their website, by texting "STORM" to 80888 to make an automatic $10 donation or by mail:
The Salvation Army PO Box 12600 Oklahoma City, OK 73157
If you would like to help the victims, please make your contributions to the Episcopal Relief and Development US Disaster Support, which provides critical necessities such as food, water, medicine and shelter. Your generous gift immediately provides aid when it is needed most.
Almighty God, Father of mercies and giver of comfort: deal graciously, we pray, with all who mourn; that, casting all their cares on you, they may know the consolation of your love; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.