Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Boys Clothing Sale

Ah.....Consignment Season. I blame my sweet unnamed friend here in Charlotte for getting me hooked but I love them. That makes me sound like a cheap Black Friday shopper but when you can buy smocked outfits from $15-$20 and Polos for $5 it makes it all worth it. When Ford was first born I wanted all new adorable outfits and then realized 1 thing...... BOYS. They tear clothes up. And I don't dress this kid fancy for daycare so cords and jeans and long sleeve shirts all come from consingment sales. I'll still supplement from Gap, Old Navy, Mini Boden, and Crewcuts as the season goes by but for staples I go to the YMCA (September 6th!) sale and for nicer clothes I hit up Wallace's Wearhouse (September 16th!)

All that being said I am buried under 5 bins of boy clothes. I'm going to post the nicer things here (You guys don't want my 20 Carter's pajamas since infancy) and if they sell today great, if they don't it's off to Wallace's they go!

Shipping is $5. I wish it was lower but by the time you by the packaging and get to the post office that is about how much it costs. My email is first name last name at gmail dot com. Remember, I spell my first name funny-Katharine. I would also rather sell to people I know so that if I get a surprise in the delivery room I can track all of you down and buy these boy clothes back!

Smocked outfits are $12, Applique $11, Solid $10. Shipping is $5 or locals can come pick-up.

Left to Right
Royal Child 9M, Cupcake Originals 12M, Anavini 18M 

Tenille & Co 2, Reversible Navy and Orange to just Navy, no brand and no tag but measures 24M or 2T, Blue solid imp originals 2T

Little English 18M (I never monogrammed), No brand Snowman 2T, Orient Expressed 3T (never mongrammed) and I think we had to pin for him to wear last Christmas length wise.

Viva la Fete 3T, Remember Nguyen 18M, Bailey Boys reverses to red bear 2T

Orient Expressed 3T (same shoulder to stride though as a bailey boys 2t), Shrimp and Grits Kids 24M, Bailey Boys 2T
Reverse of Bailey Boys

Bonpoint Wool hoodie sweater 3T (a small 3T) LOVED this $10, Pixie Lily 6-9M $12, Flora and Henri beige sweater 2y  $10

Janie and Jack Rocking Horse Sweater 12-18M $9
Lands End Dog Sweater 6-9M $9
Ralph Lauren Wool 3T Sweater $10
Jacadi Paris Long Sleeve Polo 23M $9

Marie Chantal Wool Aqua Longall 12M $11
Petit Ami Cars Longall 24M $11

Ralph Lauren Half-Zip Cotton 2T (loved this!) $12
Red Columbia Fleece Jacket 24M $14
Petit Faune Wool Coat 12M (big in my opinion) $12

Will keep adding stuff! Today has gotten away from me. 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby Girl Nursery Progress

Yesterday we took our lunch breaks to move beds and furniture around upstairs. Things are starting to look girly in the previously boyish and blue nursery! And I'm so so so so relieved the double bed from the guest room fit. Things are a little tight in there but this way if we have company we can always put baby in our room and I have a feeling I'll be sleeping in here the rest of where do I hang the 40" TV? (kidding)

Things left to do:
-Hang art. I had Norman Rockwell prints framed above Ford's crib but they were boy-centric. I have some generic flower prints I could put there and then I'm thinking my "For James" by Katie Long Stevenson can go to the right of the curtains.
-Bigger side table and tablecloth. I will probably be cheap and get one of these decorator tables. Anyone have a good source for tablecloths? Should I just order the Burlap from Ballard?
-Recover bench? We have 1 panel left of the Manuel Canovas curtain material (all a gift from a long time ago) I can't decide if we should make new shams or use it for crib skirt or what. I also have about 5 yards of a pretty green stripe.
-New Changing table pad. Pink, Green or Lavender?
-New Crib Bedding., green or lavender? I love a set of green PB crib bedding I found on Ebay but I'm not sure the Greens match up.
-Get a lumbar pillow and blanket for Glider
-Spray bookshelves white for reading corner. Maybe order 1 or 2 girlie books. My niece just gave us her copy of Madeline!
-Order another white noise machine. The one I have is from my parents attic and it is awesomely LOUD. What is the loudest out there?
-Price out double video monitor systems. We only have 1 wifi webcam and that won't work with two. And still need to keep my eye on the big guy as he just graduated to a big boy bed.

Pottery Barn Bedding via Website and Ebay, Serena and Lily Bedding, "For James" by Katie Long Stevenson, Rikshaw throw blankets, Monogram boudoir pillows via Etsy, Changing Pad via Target, Gorgeous purple monogram via Leontine Linens.

Anything else? Ford slept in his moses basket for this first three months but we are going to try to get baby girl in her crib much earlier. That being said...where can I buy moses basket bedding? Or will I just use the Newborn Rock and Play this time instead? (We didn't have those back in 2011. And thanks Elie for the early gift!!)


Friday, August 22, 2014

The Clock Test

My Mom had her Memory Care appointment this week and I drove over on Wednesday to attend. These appointments are not only incredibly informative but also healing for my father and I. We soak up every word of advice the doctors and nurses give us and sometimes wish the appointment would last for hours as we have so many stories and "what-if" scenarios we would like to discuss. We are very thankful we have this resource up in Western North Carolina.

We split up when we arrive and Mom goes to get her "tests" done while Dad and I sit in a conference room. These tests range from things such as trying to recall the President, name 5 animals, name the schools you have gone to, fold a piece of paper, and to draw a clock. 

The Dr came into the room where my father and I were waiting and started to go over Mom's results. Her inability to communicate seems to be the fastest decline we have seen yet. She can still somewhat carry on a conversation but there a lot of "you know what I mean" and "you know, that word that means _____" and phrases such as "Do you like my _________ that I just got". She finally comes up with the word lights but she means glasses. 

But the test that really showed the progression of her Alzheimer's was the Clock Test. Her Dr. showed us her clock from Wednesday and it was blank with a few marks in the upper corner. We just sat there silently. The arthritis in her fingers might have a little bit to do with it but when forced to she can try to write. 

He then showed us her clock from last November. This clock was completely filled out.....not exactly spaced perfectly, but had all the correct numbers.

Staring at her clock from this appointment and her clock from a year ago sent my father and I into tears. We were staring at Alzheimer's on paper. We know Alzheimer's. We kiss, hug, cook for, take shopping, and talk to Alzheimer's. But to see it on paper was staggering.

When we left the appointment Mom asked me if the Dr said she was going to get worse. It took everything in me not to start crying again and I just told her that yes, Alzheimer's does get worse, but that we are working with Memory Care to use medicines and safeguards to make her feel stable and happy. That answer seemed to please her until she asked several times again the next day. You see, she used to work in Long Term Care. I think she knows in her heart it will get worse but I'm hoping that by going to these appointments and adding vitamins and her seeing we are making changes will help her believe she can at least fight it.

Because that is all we can do. Put our hope in medicine and pray

We are in Stage 5 now. There are only 7. We know there is no silver lining or easy path ahead. We are very thankful for our family and friends that continue to help Mom (and us) and treat her as a friend and the wonderful woman that she still is.



Monday, August 18, 2014

My Ice Bucket Challenge (I chose to donate) and Defending the Water Dumpers.

Image via NYT

I have defriended two people on facebook today. People ranting that the ice water bucket challenge is useless and stupid and a waste of water.

You know what? You people are assholes. Not one to point fingers but Breast Cancer gets an ENTIRE month on NFL. Pink gloves, pink shoes...etc. Do you same people complain about all the pink? Brilliant marketing for breast cancer awareness and kudos to Susan G. Komen for creating one of the best funded fights in the medical field.

But there are others of us (like ALS, Alzheimer's, and Autism) that don't have that level of recognition yet. So if a silly viral idea of dumping ice water on our heads sparks some attention what is the big damn deal? Wasting water? Please. We have had a nice wet summer in the south and I've skipped a few showers so that can probably cover South Charlotte.  I haven't even had to dump water on my hydrangeas like I normally do so give up the argument about water. It is ONE bucket.

Annoying? Perhaps to some.....I mean my entire feed is ice bucket challenges. But you know what? It is also full of first day of school pics, newborn babies, wedding montages, vacation snaps.etc.... which I LOVE. Post away people. It is called social media for a reason and I'm so tired of people making fun of everyone else on there. Yes, I am an oversharer. Hide me, unfriend me. But don't you dare publicly shame me or make me feel bad about myself for SHARING on social media. (I could dedicate a whole post to this)

I partially understand the argument of feeling publicly shamed to post a video. PARTIALLY. But without the video this wouldn't have been so viral. Do you want to watch me post a video of me donating? And would ANY of these people have donated had there not been a fun silly video to record? NOPE. It would have been glossed over. I was going to record this whole post in video form but nobody would have finished watching without the ice bucket. The photo I posted of my Mother wearing a funny shirt referencing Alzheimer's has received 212 likes. Of those 212 people I think 7 have donated. You have to get people to actually do something to hold them accountable. It is the sad truth of charity.

My point is that this "silly obnoxious" gimmick has raised millions for ALS. (New York Times Article HERE). 13.3 million has been raised since this began compared to their normal 1.7 they normally receive. That is AMAZING. My main annoyance is I didn't think of it first and now will be racking my brain to think of a way to do this for Alzheimer's.

Snipped from NYT article:
Pete Frates can no longer speak. But in the last two and a half weeks, a
video posted on Facebook by Mr. Frates, a 29-year-old former college
baseball player, has inspired people like Bill Gates, LeBron James, Chris
Christie and Taylor Swift to dump a bucket of ice on their heads and speak
out for his cause.
The “Ice Bucket Challenge” has lit social media on fire, raising both
money and awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known
as Lou Gehrig’s disease. About 30,000 Americans now have the disease,
which attacks nerve cells and ultimately leads to total paralysis, though the
mind remains sharp. Life expectancy is typically two to five years from the
time of diagnosis.
The stunt goes like this: People make a video of themselves dumping a
bucket of ice water on their heads, post it on Facebook, Instagram or other
social media sites, and then challenge friends to do the same within 24
hours or donate $100 to ALS. (Many do both.)
People have shared more than 1.2 million videos on Facebook between
June 1 and Aug. 13 and mentioned the phenomenon more than 2.2 million
times on Twitter since July 29, according to those sites. Donations to the
ALS Association have spiked. As of Sunday, the association said it had
received $13.3 million in donations since July 29, compared with $1.7
million during the same period last year. I

So today my family will be donating to ALS and ALZ. My husband's family lost his uncle to ALS in 2011 so we will be making a donation to the Steve Gleason foundation (Team Gleason) in Victor Gasser's name.

I will also be donating to the Alzheimer's Association today. Alzheimer's Disease, and the fact that it also has no cure, is my main charity and something that is obviously close to my heart as my Mom was diagnosed in 2011. For a moment think about this:

Steve Gleason has a beautiful and brilliant mind trapped inside a body that is failing him. On the other hand my Mother has a failing mind trapped inside a perfectly capable body. Two horrible diseases, two wonderful loving people, and no cure or prevention for either. Both FATAL.

So leave the ice bucket dumpers alone. Go donate today. Be nice. Stop hating and shaming people.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Second Pregnancies are HARD

There I said it. I'm waving the white flag. Somebody bring me Jim Beam.

1. This pregnancy is hard in general. 
(Last Wednesday at the Doc)

I'm having pretty bad back pain and I thought it could be from my fall at the beach (long story) but maybe it's just because I have a big ole belly and diastasis recti from my first pregnancy. I went in to get checked and all is fine on that front but I literally limp b/c my left upper buttocks/lower back hurts SO bad. I'm also over three years older, weighed about 7 pounds more at conception, and am more worn down by life than I was in my magical happy pregnancy phase in 2010. 

2. I have a FUCKING Kidney Stone. 
Just found that out yesterday. I knew it was there from my ICU trip but didn't realize how much it had grown. My Urologist wants to monitor it and I have to come in if I'm having any "back pain". Well I feel like I'm in permanent Braxton Hicks most of the time so this will be difficult to assess. It is in my left kidney and in the bottom which is apparently good news. But we have to get x-rays and probably remove it right after baby girl is born. (Backstory: I've been to the ICU with 2 kidney infections and both times escalated to Sepsis. Also had a kidney stone when I was 8 that shutdown both kidneys.) So this is bad news and for a worrier off her zoloft this is horrible news. Good news? I've already hit my deductible. Take that insurance company. What else can I get done before New Years Eve?

3. I don't want to even look at vegetables. 
I have a whole post typed up about my issues with eating healthy and nutrition but the short story is I just don't love vegetables. I know this is my last pregnancy and I should just enjoy the last few weeks of not calorie counting but I am blowing up pretty quickly. The Instagram and facebook comments absolutely make my day but my arms and legs are getting pretty big and I can see it in my face this time which is different than with my son. Maybe it's a girl thing? If I have gestational diabetes I am going to be in a world of hurt for the last few months. Say a little prayer on Monday that I pass that damn test. Please. I beg you. I CANNOT EAT KALE. It is also hard when there are bloggers out there who say they lost their baby weight in 5 weeks or post their actual weight gain. I know it is my own fault and I applaud those other women for eating healthy and running marathons pregnant but I just can't. 30 minutes on the treadmill at 3.0 is a struggle for my lower ligament pain and with his new back pain I think I have to throw in the towel on exercise. Don't suggest Yoga unless you are also mailing me a DVD.

4. My son is not listening.
This deserves a post of its own. I am doing everything I can to not resort to spanking but sometimes he just doesn't listen. He has also started repeating what he wants until I cave so I end up sending him to timeout and then the cycle starts over. And did your kids become SUPER clingy. We haven't had meltdowns at daycare dropoff in a long long time and this week we have had one every single day. Is that a pregnancy thing too? 

5. I have a son this time.
My belly taking up the whole chair

I have a dining room full of his clothes to prep for consignment sales and looking at all his little outfits makes me so so sad. I hope I snap out of this funk when baby girl arrives but I just miss my little boy being so small and tiny (and innocent). I feel horrible that we will be kicking him out of his crib in the next few weeks. I am trying to make his big boy room exciting and fun but what is going on in his head when I tell him he is getting kicked out of his room? I can't even rock him at night. Our routine is to read books and then rock and sing before bed. I literally cannot hold him in my lap comfortably to accomplish this. I'm still picking him up but I really should stop as it kills my back but I don't want to. Bathing is hard, putting in the car seat is hard. I'm sure you all understand what I mean. I don't want these last few months of him and I to be so HARD but they are. I want to run around and fall in the grass and giggle and jump off the diving board with him and instead I feel like a bitchy bump on a log.

I guess my main point is your first pregnancy is so exciting. Your are planning your dream nursery, registering for gifts, laughing at things like nipple cream (how silly...why would I need that? (insert naive little stupid laughs) and you are just amazed at the wonderment of creating a new life. You have beautiful luscious hair, an adoring husband, ecstatic family members and a glow that radiates around you like a Care Bear stare of intoxicated happiness. 

Fast forward (at least for me) 3.5 years and you already know what will happen to those nipples. KNIVES. KNIVES coming out of your nipples while trying to breastfeed. You already know about the first 4 months of hell. Everyone (husband included) figures that "Oh, she's got this" and doesn't bend over backwards like they did during the first. And you have to balance all this knowledge while chasing a very stubborn and wild 3 year old.  How will we do mornings? How will we handle that 5pm-8pm stretch? Is my newborn going to live in a swing? Will she look like Salma Hayek? Will I ever be able to buy an Elizabeth McKay blouse again while paying for 2 in daycare (and 1 child support check)?

And last of all.

CMC MAIN DOESN'T TAKE THE BABY BACK TO THE NURSERY TO LET YOU SLEEP ANYMORE???? WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT CMC  MAIN!!! I better see a MUCH cheaper hospital bill this time then you slackers! I don't have grandmas to come and hold the baby!

Hormonal and Huge 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pawleys Island Shops and Restaurants

I'm in Panicked-Pregnant-Packing mode around here and thought I would give a shout out to my favorite spots at Pawleys Island that make our trip so much easier! You can read my Pawleys write up from 2010 here.
**I wrote this post to be published while I was on vacation. That was a MONTH ago. I've added a few updates. Life. sheesh!

Pawleys Island Realty
88 North Causeway Road
We have always rented through Pawleys Island Realty. They are the best and have tons of great houses to choose from. The home we rent is owned by an Asheville family so we now go through them but I have rented two other properties for bachelorette parties and each time the houses were incredible. I'm sure the location and plethora of gorgeous homes to choose from doesn't hurt.

Murrels Inlet
We did this for the first time last year and LOVED it. Captain Dave is fantastic and we have already booked our cruise for this year. Tell him the Boylan-Fuchs group sent you if you go! He asks your music preference and takes you on a 2 or 3 hour sunset cruise around Murrels Inlet. You BYOB and this year we are bringing Hog Heaven with us.

Pelican Inn family dining
506 Myrtle Avenue

*No longer available! I am so sad about this. Still a beautiful Inn and can be rented in the off-season. Talk about a great idea for a New Year's Eve party!

Frank's and Frank's Outback
10434 Ocean Highway

This is our absolute favorite spot in Pawleys for dinner. We have gone on our last night of the trip every year for 20+ years. We used to eat inside but once they made outside so appealing we changed our reservations to the Outback. Everything on the menu is incredible.

TRUST me. My two favorites are the soft shell crabs and the Caramel Cake.

I WILL be eating that cake in approximately 2 weeks from tomorrow night.

And I'm not sharing!
**Update, I didn't share. I got my own and the rest of the table had to order their own. TRUE STORY.

Chive Blossom
85 North Causeway
Okay, after Franks this is our favorite spot. Their lunch is is tops!!! Not much seating so be prepared to wait. I'll hopefully be eating the Lump Crab Quiche or Okra Pancakes this time on Monday. (**Due to a late night we missed lunch) The rest of the family orders the Fried Green Tomato sandwich with pimento cheese, avocado and bacon. Wipe your chin.

10880 Ocean Highway (In the Hammock Shops)
Was Louis's, High Hammock and something else before becoming Nosh. This is the central restaurant in the Hammock Shops and was always our arrival day lunch spot (Until Chive Blossom). Great covered deck with TV's and a huge playground is being built in the courtyard area next door. (Handy if you have wiggle worms at lunch)

Order the Orange Crush with a Fried Flounder Po Boy.

Bistro 217
10707 Ocean Highway

Before we found Chive Blossom we ventured away from our Nosh spot and tried Bistro 217. Our arrival day changing with our new rental agreement also changes up the restaurants that are open. If we went out to eat more this place would become a regular haunt. We had a killer lunch here a few years ago! Order the burger written up in Southern Living.

Hog Heaven BBQ
7147 Ocean Hwy

I refer to this place as Little Pigs of Pawleys. We hit them up to give my Dad a break in the kitchen. Fantastic hush puppies and great BBQ. They also have steamed and fried seafood and ribs.

10880 Ocean Hwy (In Hammock Shops)

I just found this article while looking up links for this post. Milkshakes you can add bourbon to and biscuits the size of my head? Yes please. Will report back.
**We loved our meal at Bisqit. The only thing I will say is eating a burger with a biscuit as a bun is tricky! Definitely a stop to make though if you need a kid friendly spot for lunch while shopping.

Pawleys Island Outdoors
9790 Ocean Hwy

In year's past we have been lucky enough to borrow a boat from friends but on the off times that doesn't work we usually rent a Jon boat from PI Boat Supply. They are great guys to work with and we have no complaints. The boat seems like an unnecessary item but the kids love it and my dad will never give up his cocktail cruises. That man loves the water.

Surf the Earth
47 Da Gullah Way

Back in the day before kids we would rent Kayaks from here to use in the creek. Now my brother and sister-in-law rent extra paddle boards from them. They also offer surfing lessons, paddle board instruction, surfing camps...etc. Great shop!

Lowe's Foods
9160 Ocean Hwy

The Pig is gone! And Food Lion is GROSS. So we weren't sure what to expect from the new Lowe's Grocery Store on the South Causeway but it is fantastic! I'm sure they are in customer service hyper drive but they have everything you need and smiling faces to go along with it. You MUST try the salt and vinegar wings. I don't like salt and vinegar chips but these wings are so good to take home for an appetizer! Also there is a Dollar Tree in the same shopping center that is brand spanking new if you need any cheap toys.

Our Asheville friends that head down before us tipped us off on this place and although you can buy a tent cheaper for that it sounds like a DEAL. You want to know how I met Pawleys Island Posh? I broke her beach tent. TRUE STORY. She had one we could borrow and we set it all up, went up to the house for beer and came back down and it was doing somersaults down the beach. $150 and no tent later we gave up. The following year we bought one from Sams and same problem. We get a pretty hefty breeze on the front and most tents end up bending which then ruins the whole structural integrity.
Split between 3 families this might be a definite next summer when I have a 6 month old.

Look at all these other services they offer!

Seaside Lunch Delivery ($10.00 per lunch)
Have your personal Cabana Boy deliver a gourmet lunch to you while you're working on that sought after South Carolina tan. Lunch will be delivered to your Cabana Boy tent at a pre-arranged time. Lunch includes gourmet sandwich of your choice, chips and Cabana Broad's signature coconut macaroons. Please order 24 orders in advance from your Cabana Boy or call (843) 742-1134.

Beach Chair Rental ($35.00 per chair per week)
Add chairs to your Cabana Boy Tent Rental for an even easier trip to the beach. Call (843) 742-1134 for details or
Cooler delivery ($50.00 per week)
Add a cooler to your Cabana Boy tent rental. Get a cooler with ice set up under your tent every morning. Cooler holds up to 12 cans of beverages. Call (843) 742-1134 for details or email

**You cannot leave tents up overnight at the beach because it affects the Sea Turtles. 

Penguin Ice
I'm usually the first up at the house with my crazy kid so we walk on the beach, drive over to the Starbucks in Litchfield and then hit this up. He loves to watch the ice shoot out and that way by the time everyone else is awake the drinks on the deck are iced down.(We have a 3 cooler system on the back deck due to Fridge space. Beer, Kids drinks + water, Soft drinks and more beer.) I don't have an exact location but this is right by the car wash near the South Causeway.

Kudzu Bakery
221 Willbrook Ave
Aside from their seemingly late hours for a bakery we are HUGE fans of Kudzu. Hidden near the Litchfield Piggly (What WAS the Pig) they have the best breads, pastries and cakes! Open 9-6 M-F. Close at 2 on Saturdays. Must buys: Cheddar Cheese Biscuits and Cinnamon Buns!

Hammock Shops
10880 Ocean Hwy

We don't leave the beach very often but when we do we go spend a day here. My favorites are the Mercantile Shop, Original Hammock Shop, Mermaid Store, Harbor Specialties and Carolina Gourmet.

You MUST get Tiger Butter Fudge from the Original Hammock Shop. Trust. me.

The silhouette guy is also there most days. Gotta get my little guy done again. Not sure I can talk my 12 year old stepson into it. I need to find his from when he was little!

Millie's Boutique
11378 Ocean Hwy (Across from the Fresh Market)

My sister in law found this store last year and they have gorgeous clothes! Tibi, Milly, Gigi NY, Tory Burch, Shoshana..etc. Last year I was lucky enough to squeeze a trip over there and find a dress for a Wedding we were going to a few weeks later. Stop in! (I should have bought the Julie Brown dress above that was 75% off. Perfect for fall with a long cardigan and boots!) or this Julie Brown Top also on sale.

Seaside Cottage Gift Shop 
(Same shopping center as Millie's Boutique. Lots of great stores in there!)
11326 Ocean Highway

My $25 score for little girl's room. Or Ford's room. Or my office where it has been hanging out.
I went nuts in this store this year so it is a last minute update. I bought a Pelican Inn print for my son's room to remind him of our walks together and a surprise print for my friend in Atlanta.

I also got this cute bracelet ($15), some earrings, the painting above and a sweater on sale for this fall. Wonderful shop!

Produce Stand

This is near the North Causeway and our spot to load up on silver queen, tomatoes, name it they have it. And sometimes you can grab fresh shrimp right on the North Causeway if the guy in the pickup truck is there. He was selling huge shrimp for $4/pound!

Brookgreen Gardens
1931 Brookgreen Drive, Murrells Inlet
I have never been but our buddies went by this year and loved it! They have live music on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and a train for the kids to ride!
Come for dinner and stay for evening boat rides, live entertainment, and ‘just for kids’ activities when the gardens stay open until 9 p.m. The Pavilion Restaurant is open until 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays and the Courtyard Café is open on Thursday evenings. Wednesday and Friday performances begin at 7 p.m. All performances are included in garden admission and free to members. Guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets to Wednesday and Friday performances. No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted, and picnics must only be enjoyed at the Picnic Area near Jessamine Pond. The Lowcountry Trail and Zoo close at 7 p.m.

Any spots you know about that I don't have listed? Please comment away or email me!