Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween and the Teal Pumpkin Project

Happy Halloween everyone! Here is a pic of Ford and I a few nights ago at a Halloween Party. He is a Ninja Turtle this year!

For today's post I thought I would write about the Teal Pumpkin Project!

When you have a teal pumpkin at your house or the sign on your door it lets other parents know you have allergy free options AND Non-Food treats. Pretty amazing for allergy kid moms out there!
I made sure to buy candy that was peanut free since I have several friends that deal with kid allergies. I do not envy them one single bit but know they are all stronger moms for having to safeguard their children the way they do. Ashley, Julia, Tracey, Caroline and Kathryn... a huge pat on your back!

Peanut Free Candies:
Twizzlers and Rolos got cut off this image!

Hope you all have a Happy and Safe Halloween! Asheville is expected to have a snowstorm so maybe that means I'll go into labor!

I know we are all ready!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kid Crack-You Can Thank Me Later

Do these toys invade your home? You might like to read on!

**I wrote this post back in August and never published it.** NPR recently came out with an article "Surprise! Kids love Unboxing Videos too" (I totally scooped them!) about the toy reviewer Disney Toys HERE. I've posted our favorites below!

*Original Post*
There are unavoidable moments in parenting where you have to use technology. I'm not going to get into a "screentime" discussion here but will just give you an example (and some remedies) of when we have to use it in a pinch.
This week I have been a solo mom. Many many women do this far more graciously than I do and with more kids so I'm not asking for a medal. I'm just saying that I have done the bedtime routine 6 days straight and bathing a 3 year old while huge pregnant is quite the task. So is walking up the stairs but let's not discuss my lack of exercise here either.

I am also the "on-call" this week at work meaning I am on 24/7 if need be. Well several times I have gotten calls while the little guy is still up and while I wish he would sit quietly on the floor and do a puzzle or sort socks that shit just isn't happening.

So while I log into work and deal with whatever is going on, I play videos for him on my personal laptop. This makes me wonder if we need an Ipad/Nabi/Leap Frog when Baby #2 comes but that also is a topic for it's own post.

Our favorite videos lately: Disney CARS Toy Reviews. The two main reviewers we watch are Blu Collection and Disney Collector. From NPR: One wildly popular series of videos comes from a YouTube user known as DisneyCollector. In her videos, an anonymous set of hands opens various toys and other kitschy merchandise, often from Disney, while she narrates. Simple, yet her channel has more than 2 million subscribers and her most popular video has more than 94 million views.

I personally like Blu Collection. His voice is kind of soothing. ;)

Here are a few from Disney Collector. My son really got into play-doh after watching these and loves to bury his cars and then peel them out. She has a ton of great videos.

And this is the Disney Cars Toy Club. These guys are a little too commercialized (and he says Max Schnell wrong) for me but this video is 26 if you need to do the dishes or take a quick shower and blow-dry..... this should have you covered.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blogger Recommendations

Today's post is pretty much things I want to buy that have been recommended by other bloggers. I'm 99% sure my entire wardrobe from now until March is going to be black yoga pants, maternity jeans and open cardigans. I'm STARVING as soon as I wake up and snack all day thinking it is my last opportunity to shove Reese's Piece's in my mouth....not a pretty sight. Most of these items will hopefully camo that fact. Or add to it *ahem rice krispy treats*.

Anyone own these? I wonder if they are see-thru in the booty.

Via Kate at Style Smaller
I'm putting this up for both of the boys. D can earn money while he is in town and Ford can learn responsibility and earn a car each week. 

So tempted!!

If I had the energy I would make these for Ford's school party. Peanut free! (Just double check all ingredients first)

Great Christmas Gift for the guys right? (Told you I had started Christmas shopping) Via ME.

Lab Monogram Shirt $21

Via ME.

I'm not a bootie girl (I am a booty girl) but these are cute!

Hot Pink Cashmere Blend Sweater at Mole Hole in Charlotte $110
Random but cute and boob access is key! Via ME.

And last but not least...No way....

Via GroopDealz via Hi Sugarplum

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday Tearouts

NO more stacks of magazines in my house! HOORAY! Well, except for Garden and Gun, old copies of Domino and some other favorites. Since this little girl is hanging tough (NKOTB reference) I put my feet up and ripped through about 40 magazines this weekend.

Here are some tearouts for today:
 Check out the pom pom coverlet on the bottom left bed. We have two old cabins below my parent's house and my Aunt has always kept some type of chenille accented bedding in the rooms. Absolutely adore. Wish I knew the source. Via Southern Living Sept 2014

Love this arrangement for Fall. Also Southern Living

Cornbread Pudding with Whiskey Caramel Sauce. Yes please. 

Gorgeous Flowers! Could be perfect for Thanksgiving..maybe add some reds or oranges.

Love the Art everywhere. We have so many framed items just hanging out in the half attic and so many more that need to be framed. I'm thinking of just hanging it all. Yes it can make your house look busy but it can also make it look lived in. I hate empty walls. Ellen Niven for House Beautiful.

That table skirt. I need one of these made, any sources in Charlotte? I also need cushions EXACTLY like those made. Via House Beautiful (I think!)

Pretty much the side table setup in the nursery....I still need a table skirt source though. Via House Beautiful

Love that bed. And I don't hate the purple at all. Via Veranda

That setting. Via Veranda. Photograph by Laura Resen.

Our sisal rug in the kitchen bit the dust. Come to think of it sisal in a kitchen is kind of gross. We (Max) cooks every night and it was truly disgusting. I love the way it looks and ties in our bamboo shades but maybe a Dash and Albert would be better. Love this outdoor dining spot also. Via Arch Digest.

Those chair skirts. I die. NEED. Via Veranda or Arch Digest.

And last not but least, GO BUY THESE COOKIES! I found them at Fresh Market and they are seriously the best cookies I've ever had. 


Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Report-No Baby Yet

I know, it isn't even my due date. But here's the thing. When your first child comes at 37 weeks with your water breaking you just assume the exact same thing will happen for baby #2. Especially when 96% of people look at you and say no WAY will you make it to November. Well folks, November is Saturday and I'm just sitting here huge and pregnant. 

I think she isn't here yet because I'm fully prepared. So prepared in fact:
-All NB and 0-3 outfits are washed and folded and put in drawers
-I bought formula (I had to supplement last time)
-Diapers are eagerly awaiting their shitty future in the downstairs changing spot (pack n play) and in her room upstairs
-Bottles are clean and ready
-Pump has arrived (Thanks Obama!)
-House is clean
-All laundry is done
-Thank you notes are almost finished
-I'm ahead at work and have major senioritis
-Fridge and pantry are full (somewhat)
-Bourbon has been purchased. Next stop.......Winestore
-Dog is getting a bath today
-Mother in law is in town
-Parents are on alert
-Car is being fixed today (Maybe that one thing will mean my water breaks today. Because the BEST place to get your car worked on is in Stallings and I just drove back from that traffic and it's a BITCH)
-Pre-registered at hospital
-Newborn info filled out for Pediatrician
-Carseat is installed (In the car in Stallings.....maybe that will jinx me. Come on baby)
I could go on and on. I ironed guest towels this weekend. CLEARLY this little girl needs to come soon. Or Max's guess is she is on "latin time". Max and his mother like to do things slow and are never in a hurry. (Max says this is normal due to their latin roots) My father, Max's father, myself and Ford all have Swiss roots (and Irish/French...etc) and we are all morning people and early and busy busy busy hurry hurry hurry. I guess this little girl will be like her father. Lord help us.

Especially if she comes out looking like this:
That's all I have for today. We had Ford's 2nd to last soccer game and a fun birthday party on Saturday. Then I got to go visit the sweetest newborn and his mama! Otherwise my weekend was low key and uneventful. (DAMMIT) In my nesting mania I also purged 30 magazines. I've had them sitting around since I was in the ICU in March and piled up from the Beach. Get ready for a huge tear-out Tuesday tomorrow.

OH MY GOD ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE THE BABY IN THE STORE? (Said to me 3 times in the past 4 days)

My husband has lost 20 pounds during my pregnancy and has touched me less than strangers. Yeah, this is my reaction when he tries to feed me his healthy dinners...

He's Fired. So here's something to make myself feel better. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last Few Baby Items We Could Possibly Need


This post is more for myself as a reminder but here are the things we don't have yet but might need in baby's first few months. Otherwise we are all set. Diapers are out, baby relaxing areas are ready (Pack n play, rock n play napper, swing...etc) and bags are PACKED.

Ours broke last time and we never bought a new one. I used the *gasp* microwave...

We need an additional one since my light sleeping son requires two. One to stay and one to travel? I wish we could find the one he has but I snagged it out of my parents' attic. It must be from the 80's but it is loud as hell.

Ergo Infant Insert. My friend MJ (THANK YOU!) offered me her Ergo after seeing my Instagram post and I think this insert will be perfect for the colder weather.

Need your feedback on this one. After having diastasis recti I think I could use the extra support. And after my fast food and ice cream consuming I need all the help I can get. (PS-This chick just made my top 10 people I would like to punch list)

Any Madeline book! Gotta girl up our library of kid's books.

You can never have too many of these right? Ford was a spitter (reflux) and I swear I was always doing laundry. These were my favorite brand.

Ford stole the one from the nursery. Ass.

I have been informed that CMC says they "frown upon" pacifiers. For a mom whose son nursed 40 minutes straight on one side (I had no idea what I was doing) I will bring my fucking own! First no nursery and now no pacifiers. I better see a significant reduction in cost to have this baby!

These look handy for all those "Bluetooth" AKA hands-free spots you lay down the baby. Anyone have one of these?

Out with the blue! I do have a white one in there now but white might get yucky.

I like these b/c it seems like the baby won't feel claustrophobic with a sheet smushed against their face. I had one the first go round but it was borrowed. Any favorite nursing covers?

I think that is it! I definitely feel prepared if I went into labor today since I know she won't be in her room for awhile but still might snag the pacifiers tonight!

Very ready (I think) (for a drink)